Ways to Ensure Breastfeeding and Lactation Inclusivity in the Workplace

Yes, new mothers need to pump milk and breastfeed regardless of if their job places them behind a desk or in the boardroom. So, in the same way that employers will move the person with a broken leg to the ground floor with all their tools to function at work, a newborn mother will need bespoke work conditions that facilitate her journey into motherhood with allowances for her to still do her job at her best.

In Corporate Discussions About Inclusivity, Diversity and Accessibility – Support Your Words With Action And Don’t Forget the Special Needs Community

In discussions about diversity and inclusivity, we often hear less about how the special needs community is impacted. It may appear as though the community is forgotten and, that is unfortunate because, the community is larger than most of us know or even can imagine.  Here are some potentially mind-blowing Read more…