Sustainable, Impactful Governance

We work with organisations to think more strategically about the benefits of effective governance and how to achieve it.

The future of governance

Governance that creates value

Governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a firm is directed and controlled. Since it provides the framework for attaining a company’s objectives, it encompasses practically every sphere of management, from action plans and internal controls to performance measurement and corporate disclosure.

It is no wonder then, that good governance is critical to successful organisations and plays a key role in maintaining the trust of stakeholders. We only have to look back to the 2008 financial crisis to see how a lack of governance and of integral leadership at the board level can have dire and far reaching impacts.

There are no one-size-fits-all governance methodologies or frameworks. Our services can help you to identify the key components of a good governance framework for your particular organisational culture.

"Stewarding business into prosperity by using its purpose as the driver."

The basics

The 4 Pillars of good governance

It is widely recognised that good governance is critical to successful organisations and plays a key role in maintaining the trust of stakeholders. The bond credit rating business Moody’s considers governance in all three areas of their assessment when determining credit rating. 

We believe that when governance works well it is an integral part of how things are done, it becomes business as usual and can therefore sometimes be hard to demonstrate or quantify.

That said, there are some benchmarks good governance should always seek to achieve in order to push towards the essential values of openness, integrity, excellence and sustainability.

Whilst a well-governed organisation should go beyond code compliance to optimise the delivery of its strategy, compliance with a code is an essential first step.
Conduct & Competency
A board should be comprised of members who are skilled, competent and diverse, with sufficient oversight to resolve challenges. In order for the skillset to be effective, boards much also be mindful of their culture and take care to cultivate a sense of unity whilst avoiding group think. 
Every organisation has an obligation to its stakeholders to disclose meaningful, integrated reporting about its governance whether that stakeholder is a board member, regulator, funder, client, partner or shareholder.
The shared culture of boards and workforces should all work together to have a positive impact on everyone involved in the organisation and the wider community.


How we can help

One of the board’s most important roles is to empower the CEO and management team to think and act long- term —investing in talent, driving innovation, and taking the long view on corporate performance. Of course, the short-term cannot be ignored. There is a genuine need for short-term stewardship, but it shouldn’t detract from achieving long-term goals.

The challenge for the board is to help the company align near-term activities and results with long-term value creation. Indeed investors, employees and customers alike have made it clear that they expect companies to focus on long-term value creation and the factors driving it : strategy and risk, talent, research & development, culture, employee engagement and environmental and social impact.

Our range of services are designed to enable to the board to provide effective, pivotal stewardship on such issues. And to ultimately help management to widen their aperture to understand how the company’s strategy and operations impact all of its key stakeholders and drive long-term performance.

Governance Advisory
360° diagnostic assessment of current governance framework including the evaluation of governance processes, reporting and compliance to regulatory code
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Boardroom Solution
Externally facilitated, independent, professional board reviews to improve board effectiveness and ensure alignment with the UK governance code
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Board Leadership
At Lumorus, we have a unique and dynamic leadership coaching style. One that is at the core of the values of who we are and why we exist.
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