Building great leaders

At Lumorus we help  boardroom and c-suite corporate leaders to scale up, stand out, and transform.

OUR VISION leadership

Leadership, at the heart of what we do

When nurtured, leadership has the power to generate not only greater profits but also to build better societies. If CEOs, board members and senior management drive company culture, then ensuring effective leadership is essential to creating a culture of success.

We are passionate about helping leaders at the board & C-suite level to grow and develop. Working with individual leaders and leadership teams, we use a mixture of diagnostic tools and developmental strategies to unlock your full leadership potential and help you build an organisation that performs, inspires and creates long-term value.

We want to build a new kind of purpose-led, empowered leader who is committed to connecting, contributing and growing. The kind of leader who builds healthy environments in which their teams can perform, create & innovate.

Because great leaders, for us, are those capable of inspiring and nurturing greatness in others.

“A leader must be committed to creating positive change, to stepping out of their comfort zone to reach heights they never imagined possible. To inspire others to impact the world we live in
for the better”

Authentic Leadership
Decision Making
Managing Transition
Confidence Building
Team Dynamics

Transformational Leadership Journeys

We know that getting the fundamentals of governance, corporate culture and transformative leadership right can create positive change within business and beyond. 

For us, this journey starts with building great leaders.

Through our portfolio of bespoke services, we help you to measure the effectiveness of your leadership, navigate challenges, take decisive action and build your resolve to drive your organisation’s performance, inspire your team and create long-term value.

Our leadership journeys can help your current and futures leaders understand their own behaviour patterns, muster the courage to step outside their comfort zones, adopt new perspectives, innovate and create new ways of working. The ultimate goal?  To develop exceptional leaders by helping them exceed the limits of their own expectations and ultimately boost performance and impact.

Supporting Leaders with Executive Coaching

Are your leaders struggling with decision making, stress management or confidence? 

At Lumorus, we have a unique and dynamic coaching style, one that is at the core of the values of who we are and why we exist.  Our solution-oriented approach is not rooted in classical psychotherapy but is more of a space for exchange and partnership.

We know that to thrive, leader’s need active partners to help pioneer new and innovative ways to drive efficiency and solve complex business challenges. Our coaches are former senior executives and board members who are all specialist and certified executive coaches. This gives us the unique ability to understand your strategic agenda and the behaviours required to get the best results for the business.

Agile Leadership Mentoring

Research from McKinsey shows that 70% of all organisation-wide transformations and change initiatives fail. Put another way, the odds are stack against business transformation. Ensuring that executives understand the role agile leadership plays in creating successful transformations can help to overcome these odds.

Agile leadership is the craft of creating the right context for agile teams to collaborate, learn from each other and continuously improve product and services. This is not micromanagement, rather it is knowing how to foresee and eliminate impediments, provide an environment where it is safe to fail and pull together the right team and resources to execute the organisation’s vision.

Our agile leadership programme will help you to ensure you have the right team to deliver your transformation strategy successfully.  Using The Change Maker Profile™ framework, our programme kick-starts your process the right way to encourage company-wide engagement and ensure success. 

Leading with Strength

Our Leading with Strength programme was built as a direct response to the issues being experienced by leaders in organisations – low levels of workforce engagement and productivity, lack of meaning, increasing stress stress, amongst others. 

With the speed of change and increasing complexity that surrounds us, businesses and their leaders have never had it so tough. Increasing competition, disruptive technologies, demanding talent and remote working are just a few of the challenges companies are having to face. In the face of shifting contexts, leaders must remain the constant. Knowing and understanding what you bring as a leader – your specific strengths and vulnerabilities – is essential to being able to show up under pressure.

Using the StrengthscopeLeader™ and StrengthscopeLeader360™ assessments, our Leading with Strength programmes enable leaders to develop the self-awareness necessary to hone in on their ‘leadership edge’ and to develop skills essential to leading effectively.

Leading with Strength also helps leaders identify the risks that may get in the way of them performing at their best, including managing overplayed strengths and minimising the impact of areas that drain them so they can become great, inspirational leaders.

StrengthscopeLeader™ report is the only dedicated strengths-based 360 leadership profiler on the market today.

Leading in a Multicultural World

Building a healthy organisation where people feel they can thrive and bring as much of themselves to work as possible requires support and leadership at the senior level. Commitment and communication of intent from the top as well as the role-modelling of the change you want to see across all levels of the organisation will result in broad buy-in from all your people. 

Senior leadership and middle managers will need to not only implement, measure and be accountable for the cultural transformation, but also communicate  the need for an inclusive culture and how to achieve it.

Up-skilling and equipping senior leaders and managers with the knowledge and tools to practice more inclusive behaviours will help to give them greater confidence. Thus empowering them to embed and sustain initiatives and reap the rewards of an inclusive culture.

We can pull from a range of different workshops and training initiatives to create a programme best suited to your needs. These will invariable seek to shift the focus of the culturally dominant group to what we call the 3 A’s of Inclusion – Advocacy, Allyship and Ambassadorship. 

Future Leaders

Using our existing knowledge as a baseline, we’ll work with you to develop an intensive development programme for your diverse talent at and around middle management level. The programme can take different forms – i.e. several implementations in different countries or one organisation-wide summit for diverse talent. As will all our offerings the  programme is scalable and leverages our extensive global network of role-models and consultants to ensure content and delivery is tailored to local contexts.