Meet our Team

Our support team work alongside our highly experienced associates to ensure the seamless, successful delivery of your specific development strategy.


Romeo Effs

CEO & Founder

Romeo Effs is founder and CEO of Lumorus, a global consultancy that helps businesses and their leaders redefine their..


Marco Jacquemin

Chief of Staff

Marco is our chief of staff. He manages internal and external projects that move our business forward and maintain…


Bobbett Hewitt

Finance Manager

Bobbett Hewitt is the Finance Manager for Lumorus, Naseberry Capital Ltd, IBRIE Foundation and their subsidiaries.


Oniel Croal

Head of Creative & Social

Oniel, A Visual Storyteller in his daytime, with a background in Graphic Design, Social Media Management and Content..

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Candice Stewart

Head of Research & Thought Leadership

Candice Stewart is a writer with interests in entrepreneurship and education. She is also a blogger with a focus on life experiences…

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George Wilkins

Digital Creative Manager

George is our Digital Creative Manager. He manages media projects for the marketing department such as our podcast…

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John O’Callaghan

Research & Content Manager

John is the research and content writing manager here at Lumorus, a role which combines his love for learning and writing. in…

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Greg Langola

Organisational Health Lead

Greg Langola is our Organisational Health Lead, helping businesses develop long-term sustainable…

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Ralph Koch

IT Support & Business Technologies Manager

Ralph is the IT Support & Business Technologies Manager at Lumorus and his role is to ensure all…

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Sebastian Ramirez

Project Manager

Sebastian is part of the Project Management team here at Lumorus. A bright mind recently graduating from the University of…