Our Approach to Organisational Health

At Lumorus we closely align and relate organisational health to theories and methodologies regarding sustainable performance.

The key to sustainable performance

Organisational health is usually the least utilised competitive advantage. It can determine whether you miss or make opportunities, and it hinges heavily on the cohesion of your workforce. 

Organisational Health is not related only to the classic, “softer” values such as the health of the employees. Whilst employee well-being is important, the overall health of an organisation goes beyond this to provide a more holistic view of the company’s culture.  A company that solely focuses employee engagement and not the quality and efficacy of operations will not stay in the market for very long. Neither will a company that solely focuses on profits and shareholder values whilst neglecting the well-being of its employees. 

In our view organisational health is deeply correlated with performance sustainability as it is an indicator of company’s ability to align around and achieve strategic goals. It seeks to look at whether the workforce is able to generate value in one part of the organisation without impeding value in another. Whether your employees are engaged and their potential maximised. Whether your processes are able to support the challenges ahead. Many say there is a contradiction between the “softer” and “harder” values of running a business, but extensive experience along with multidisciplinary research tells us there is not.

“Company culture & organisational health are usually the
least utilised competitive advantage.”


A holistic approach to Organisational Health

Boards and management teams can help foster long-term shareholder value by forging a culture that is aligned with the business strategy.

We provide the metrics that empower senior leaders to get the most out of their team, reduce politics and confusion, and boost productivity by boosting morale. As with all our solutions, our organisational health approach is grounded in our engagement framework and our core values. Each phase can be delivered separately or as part on an end-to-end solution.

1. Measure to understand your organisation
Understanding your current organisational culture, its successes and its pitfalls, is essential to building a foundation that will hold up over the long-term.
We use a range of metrics, diagnostic tools and in-person labs to provide you with a complete picture of your organisation’s culture and, importantly, its impact on performance.

2. Lay strategic foundations for your organisational success
Equipped with the insights garnered during phase 1, we develop a strategic framework and action plan in alignment with your overall people strategy. We pull from a number of growth programmes within our toolkit to create the plan best suited to your organisation’s needs.

3. Deploy inclusively for company-wide engagement
Our expert team will regularly assess with you how our solutions can be augmented along the way to achieve the desired results. Whether deployed remotely, in-person or a blend of the two, we pride ourselves on our open, interactive approach which encourages personal sharing, constructive feedback and focuses on practical actions that can be applied on a daily basis.

4. Review & Embed for long-term results
The success of organisational change depends on commitment over the long-term. We take stock of the post-intervention ‘state of the nation’ making use of agreed KPI’s. On this basis, we recommend and create internal & external corporate initiatives to encourage continued monitoring and improvement of your workplace culture.

our services

How we can help

We will partner with you to help you transform your organisational health into one which embeds inclusive behaviours across the business and an environment in which your people feel they belong.

While we propose and recommend a specific process for the implementation of the solutions and initiatives, elements of each of these can be adopted and the process amended to complement or adapt any current initiatives being under taken in the business.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
We know that lots of senior leaders are finding it uncomfortable to talk about diversity, inclusion and belonging. We will equip you with the metrics, knowledge and language necessary to navigate the complexities of this challenge and unlock the potential of an engaged, diverse workforce.

Purpose-led Business
A bespoke mixture of assessments, mentoring, training and workshops to ensure your leadership team are informed about and committed to achieving your strategic objectives.

Organisational Change Capsules
What results do you want your organisation to achieve? Through our Culture Change Capsule, we work with you to change mindsets, processes, standards, decisions, and behaviours to open you up to greater organisational success.

Cultural Diagnostic Index

When performance is lagging, it’s the team dynamic that needs a tweak.
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