February 17, 2021 | White Paper

Leadership trends to watch out for 2022

How to apply them in the improvement of your business.

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2022 – in fact the next decade – is shaping up to be like no other. Leaders are going to have to rise to the challenge of making challenging decisions in order to improve their businesses in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the transition into a post-pandemic world is not the only thing which makes this year and the years ahead particularly interesting to study.


Principle-based decision-making

This is the year of migrating from COVID-19 rules and regulations. A big leadership trend to look out for in the post-COVID19 business climate is the reclamation, or establishing, of principle-based de-cision-making…

Transfer of savings

One trend to look out for this year is that of employees being required to work either entirely re-motely or a hybrid of in the office, out the office, following the pandemic. This means that business leaders are saving money on a variety of costly things such as provision of equipment, ensuring health and safety compliance, utilities such as electricity being used to name just a few…

Support for mental health of employees

Following on the themes of the post-pandemic climate, the sharp rise in depression and anxiety has caused some experts to label the mental health crisis as the ‘second pandemic’. Leadership will need to ensure that the people working for their businesses are being cared for mentally for both the sake of the business avnd, more importantly, the wellbeing of the individual…

Sitting = smoking

The shift to remote working is understood to be having a negative effect on the physical health of workers. Whilst 35% of remote workers took the opportunity to get fit, a higher percentage (40%) actually became less fit, spending a lot of their time in the same position. Many have dubbed sit-ting as the new smoking; due to losing the physicality of work (getting there, moving around the environment, even going out with colleagues) remote workers are

Creating an inclusive workforce

Although less of a trend and more something which leaders should be consistently striving for, a diverse, inclusive workforce is definitely a leadership trend to look out for in 2022 – one simple to apply to the improvement of your business.

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