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A global consultancy that helps businesses and their leaders make good governance and phenomenal leadership the hallmarks of business. Our mission is to redefine corporate governance and leadership to bring about positive, structural change, one institution at a time.

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What we do

We specialise in helping boards and senior executives adopt best-in-class modern governance and leadership practices in order to mitigate risk and navigate change.  

With a winning combination of FTSE Boardroom & C-Suite executive experience, global business knowledge, passion, and curiosity, our structured approach yields practical, actionable insights to help you achieve your business performance goals. 

Our Bold Vision

We're the future, now.

Our global consultancy envisions a world in which businesses and their leaders are at the service of those they lead and who use their products and services. Rooted in this ethos, our approach is:


No two companies are alike so no two solutions should be. Our services are based on the individual needs of your business.

Data Driven

We use a range of metrics and diagnostic tools to gain a nuanced understanding of your business challenge.​


We drive organisation-wide behavioural change to create a culture that engages, innovates and inspires.

Intersectional ​

Individuals are multi-faceted and cannot be boxed into one social category so we identify where they intersect.


We provide the tools and resources for everyone to take ownership of company performance.


Change requires long-term commitment. We are here with you every step of the way.

It is widely recognised that good governance is critical to the success of organisations and maintaining the trust of stakeholders.

Mark Goyder, Founder, Tomorrow's Company Tweet

Our Approach

Partnership first

Scuba Divers always dive in pairs. Why? Because they act as a support for each other, lending a hand should equipment fail or accidents occur. Within this partnership there is no space for fear, only humility, transparency and truth. 

This is the definition of genuine partnership, the type of partnership we believe in.  As a genuine partner we:

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