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Lumorus was founded to address the disconnect, inequality and upheavals within society that stem from a lack of sustainable, forward-looking governance and leadership. For us, governance and leadership are the linchpins for creating positive change within businesses, political spheres and the wider community. 


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Menstrual Leave in the Workplace is Important, Period

A personal prelude I remember exhausting my allotted sick days and departmental leave days because I couldn’t go to work based on the discomforts of menstruating or being on my period. The question was always asked, “Why are you always taking so many sick days every month?” The answer was

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He, She, They, We: The Importance of Pronoun Usage in the Workplace

An Introduction to Pronouns  There are many qualities which comprise an inclusive workplace: learning and development, a collaborative environment, a free coffee machine?  One aspect which promotes inclusivity, which everyone should adopt, is the usage of pronouns. Organisations have introduced various crucial policies for LGBTQ+ employees such as paid parental

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