Who we are

Lumorus was founded to address the disconnect, inequality and upheavals within society that stem from a lack of sustainable, forward-looking governance and leadership. For us, governance and leadership are the linchpins for creating positive change within businesses, political spheres and the wider community. 

vision & Mission

Our bold vision


How we do it

We believe in genuine partnership based on open collaboration and a bespoke approach.

Each phase of our framework can be delivered separately or as part of an end-to-end solution. In addition, all elements can be adapted to complement any current initiatives being undertaken in the business.

1. Measure to understand
Our qualitative & quantitative diagnostics help us to gain complete picture of where your board, company or specific leaders are with a particular challenge.
2. Lay strategic foundations
armed with nuanced understandings of your specific challenge, we create a strategic and actionable roadmap cognisant of your particular requirements.
3. Deploy inclusively
growth strategies work best when they take into account the nuanced context within which they are delivered. Our team of highly-experienced experts continuously assess our programmes to ensure we achieve the desired outcome.
4. Review & Embed
we will analyse the pre- and post-intervention performance metrics to take stock and ensure we have hit key performance targets. We will also establish a long-term roadmap to ensure continued growth.
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Our approach

Our guiding values

Our solutions are entirely bespoke and tailored to each client. What remains constant however, are the principles that guide our services. 

Naked Service
We believe in telling the kind truth. Because transformation does not come by shying away from the hard questions.
Creativity & Innovation
We create amazing, high-quality solutions for our clients at every opportunity.
Measurable Results
We believe that change must be measurable so we work with our clients to create metrics to track what matters to their business.
A Digital blend
We blend in-person learning with digitised diagnostic tools for a streamlined approach that yields long-term results.
Diversity & Inclusion
We know the many benefits of a diverse workforce and we work to deliver them for our clients.
Empowering Our People
We only hire people we believe in, people with enough smarts to make us look at things from different angles. It would not be very intelligent of us not to listen.
We believe that leadership should - and can - serve the greater good and build better futures. So it’s our mission to redefine leadership and make good governance the hallmark of business.
Community Engagement
Through our foundation, IBRIE, we deliver access to resources and education and shine a light on leaders within the BAME community.


Tailored to you

We believe in a consultative and collaborative approach and will actively work with you to ensure our solutions are tailored for maximum impact.

Board Members

Our qualitative & quantitative diagnostics help us to gain complete picture of where your board, company or specific leaders are with a particular challenge.
CEOs & Leaders

For us, great stewardship starts with building great leaders. Our transformational leadership journeys can help your leaders create ways of working that play to their strengths.
HR & Diversity Professionals

For us, leadership and inclusion are intrinsically linked. You can not have one without the other. We help HR and Diversity professionals build healthy organisation that deliver innovative services and sustainable performance.
Emerging Leaders

succession at both the board and senior leadership levels is the survival key in any organisation. We help you develop your next generation of purpose-led leaders.