Hi, I'm Bobbett Hewitt

Head of Finance and Accounting

An accomplished content creator, writer, and ideator with a passion for telling compelling stories. Based in Kingston, Jamaica, she creates content that delves into life lessons, success stories, entrepreneurship, and inspirational narratives.

Candice holds a master’s degree in Social and Behaviour Change (Communications) from the University of West Indies, Mona. Her academic background has equipped her with a nuanced understanding of human behavior and communication, providing a rich depth to her storytelling skills.


Bobbett Hewitt, is a steadfast and accomplished professional in the field of accounting. A first-class honor graduate in Accounting and Business/Management from the prestigious University of the West Indies, Bobbett also holds a minor in Management Studies. She has shown a relentless commitment to academic excellence, garnering a GPA of 3.95 and earning accolades such as inclusion in the Faculty of Social Sciences Honours Society and the Dean’s List.

Her intellectual acumen has been consistently reflected in her professional journey, which spans over five years of experience. Bobbett began her career as an Accounting Clerk at Hew, Chin, and Co. Chartered Accountants, where she honed her accounting skills for over two years. Her stint at Hew, Chin and Co., coupled with her exemplary educational background, allowed her to swiftly move into a more challenging role as a Staff Accountant with Peter Lee and Associates, a position she currently holds.

Within these roles, Bobbett has developed expertise in areas of personal tax accounting and financial accounting. Her day-to-day responsibilities span across various critical accounting tasks, including bookkeeping, posting, reconciliation, and the preparation of financial reports. She is proficient with essential software such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Office, which she utilizes to manage and streamline these tasks efficiently.

Bobbett’s tenacity is not just limited to her academic or professional accomplishments. She has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to personal growth and continuous self-improvement. Her keen attention to detail, coupled with her ability to adapt and grow, is what distinguishes her from her peers.

Besides her solid theoretical knowledge and professional experience, Bobbett possesses notable soft skills such as tax planning, team spirit, and independence. These skills, coupled with her technical expertise, make her an asset in any accounting team. 

Her exceptional academic standing also earned her third place in Jamaica for the CAPE Accounting Unit 2, awarded by the Caribbean Examination Council. A member of the Association of Aspiring Accountants, she consistently works towards contributing to and learning from the accounting community.

In essence, Bobbett Hewitt is a dedicated professional who brings a combination of strong academic background, practical experience, and unwavering commitment to her field. Her journey is a testament to her drive for excellence and a promise of the value she brings to any professional environment.