Hi, I'm Candice Stewart

Head of Thought Leadership

Candice is a steadfast and accomplished professional in the field of accounting. A first-class honor graduate in Accounting and Business/Management from the prestigious University of the West Indies, Bobbett also holds a minor in Management Studies. She has shown a relentless commitment to academic excellence, garnering a GPA of 3.95 and earning accolades such as inclusion in the Faculty of Social Sciences Honours Society and the Dean’s List.


Candice S. is an accomplished content creator, writer, and ideator with a passion for telling compelling stories. Based in Kingston, Jamaica, she creates content that delves into life lessons, success stories, entrepreneurship, and inspirational narratives.

Candice holds a master’s degree in Social and Behaviour Change (Communications) from the University of West Indies, Mona. Her academic background has equipped her with a nuanced understanding of human behavior and communication, providing a rich depth to her storytelling skills.

With over a decade of experience in the writing and editing industry, Candice has demonstrated proficiency in various fields including knowledge and content management, feature story writing, report writing, project coordination, and leadership. Her portfolio includes thought-provoking articles and engaging content on a wide range of topics.

Candice’s career trajectory is marked by her commitment to ongoing learning and tackling new challenges. As a Climate Tracker Climate Justice Fellowship recipient, she’s breaking new ground and broadening her writing expertise to cover climate justice and environmental issues pertinent to the Caribbean region.

Previously, Candice worked at LumorusPLC where she led the creation of thought leadership pieces, white papers, and blog posts centered on leadership, inclusion, and diversity. In her role as a Corporate Secretary for the Cradle of Life Foundation Limited, she is dedicated to nurturing and empowering women on their journey through motherhood.

An active voice in the blogosphere, Candice is the owner and lead writer of The Suburban Girl JA. Here, she shares personal insights, life lessons, and features individuals making noteworthy contributions in their fields.

In addition to her writing ventures, Candice contributes her time and talent to numerous volunteer efforts. A member of Optimist International since 2015, she served as the President of the Royal Optimist Club of Kingston for the administrative year 2017-2018, spearheading projects aimed at empowering children.

Whether she’s exploring the intricate dynamics of social behavior, sharing poignant life lessons, or advocating for climate justice, Candice S. embodies the art of storytelling with authenticity and passion. Her work continues to inspire her followers and readers, driving meaningful conversations and change.