Hi, I'm Raymond Holt

Chief Growth & Finance Officer

The lead consultant and project sponsor at Lumorus. With a passion for driving organizational excellence and enhancing corporate governance, Romeo is the ideal partner for boards seeking to elevate their performance and strategic decision-making.


Raymond Hayes is an eminent personality in the field of digital marketing, admired and sought-after for his exceptional ability to craft and implement game-changing strategies that have driven revenue and growth for a plethora of organizations. With a career spanning over two decades, Raymond’s profound expertise extends from his comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior to his innovative utilization of emerging technologies. His novel approaches have consistently challenged the status quo, forging new paths in the competitive landscape of digital marketing. 

Raymond’s success in driving business growth can be largely attributed to his unique ability to blend data analytics with creative problem-solving. His strategies are characterized by their focus on metrics, where he adeptly leverages quantitative insights to drive qualitative outcomes. A natural problem-solver, Raymond continually integrates innovative solutions with data-driven strategies, setting the gold standard in the industry. 

A respected speaker, Raymond is frequently invited to share his insights at industry conferences and seminars. His thought leadership in the digital marketing domain is highly regarded. His perspectives, enriched by his wealth of experiences, provide invaluable foresight into emerging trends and future opportunities, helping businesses stay a step ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. 

Raymond’s reputation as a strategic thinker is well earned. His solutions are not only agile and adaptive but also holistic, taking into account a wide range of factors from market dynamics to consumer preferences. His ability to envisage the big picture while paying meticulous attention to detail sets him apart from his peers. 

His addition to our advisory board brings significant value to our organization. With his deep industry knowledge, forward-thinking perspective, and commitment to innovative strategy, Raymond Hayes is poised to help guide our company to new heights in the digital landscape. His experience, leadership, and vision will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to our strategic initiatives and overall corporate direction.